It was the year 1993 when Emilia Giberti and Adriano Aere’s idea to enter the women’s fashion market as protagonists became a reality. That’s how PLEASE, an entirely Italian contemporary fashion brand was established.

PLEASE distinguishes itself through a multiplicity of women’s collections for everyday, characterised by a dynamic style. Here creativity and quality make it possible to constantly produce new models in order to meet the market’s demands and increase the value of the programmed fashion business. Day by day our design department researches new materials and designs jeans and must-have garments which will be worn by a constantly increasing target group.

Denim, cotton, linen, viscose, mousseline, duck down and leather are only a few of the materials featured in the wide offer of PLEASE. Items are identified through their vintage "used" look and are always at the forefront concerning material treatment and presentation. Together with style and taste, the strength of PLEASE lies in the speed of design and production. Materials are created and developed with the technique of garment dying; this goes hand in hand with the increasing production which, season after season, completes the wide offer of our collections. Also the offer of colours is wide, as well as fresh and in advance on the trends of upcoming seasons. The production time crowns the work: only four weeks pass from design to distribution of an item.

We look positively at the future. Attention to contemporary trends, technical innovation applied to all aspects of business, research of solutions to keep production always ahead of time, sharing with others and an all-encompassing style have brought us over the years to a global success which is identified with the symbol that embodies our team’s philosophy: a heart.

Our brand has become increasingly visible and recognised over time, which made it possible to enlarge the target group and broaden the offer. In 2008 PLEASE DENIM was created. This line confirms an integrated vision of design and fast fashion distribution without any loss of quality, since only first choice fabrics are used, and is completely made in Italy, thanks to the highly valuable work of our staff. This way our company was able to pursue a path of increasing development of its sales abroad, achieving excellent results especially in Europe.


Style, creativity, trust, passion. PLEASE is proud of producing locally starting from design, through cut and wash. All hands and minds working behind the scenes of PLEASE’s heart are Italian.

Our brand can count on the highly valuable collaboration of lots of traditional workshops in Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Marche and Tuscany.

Made in Italy, made with the heart. This is our philosophy.


Innovation at a reasonable price combined with the research of new trends, models and colours have made of PLEASE a leading business. In every finished item the quality of materials is like a web, which tells about the multi-level work made along the fashion production process. Hard work and passion are reflected in the extraordinary service of ready-to-wear and semi-programmed fashion which has always met excellently the market’s demands.

The huge number of collections is managed by a team of 30 people who assist customers by constantly redistributing the season’s best sellers. This is possible thanks to the investments made by the company in terms of fabrics and design department, which never runs out of ideas for new models of jeans and garments.